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A History of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company: About the Exhibit

This exhibit provides a brief history of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company, launched in 1902 by twin brothers F.E. and F.O. Stanley. It celebrates the brothers’ “Yankee ingenuity,” chronicling the rise and fall of the company that bore their name and its connection to the Marshall family and Auburn Heights. Click on the outline to the right to enter the exhibit. The footer on the following pages will allow you to move forward or back, and you may return to the beginning at any time by selecting "A History of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company: Exhibit Home."

Featured here are photos from the Marshall family's personal collection (now part of the Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve Archive) as well as Stanley Motor Carriage Company catalog illustrations and images graciously provided by the Stanley Museum in Maine. 

This exhibit was created by University of Delaware Graduate Student Ashley Giordano as part of a summer internship project for the Museum Studies Office.

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