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Laying the Track

AVRR wooden trestle

Trestle construction photo, 1960.

Due to the hilly terrain and a steep bank toward the rear of the property, a lot of grading was needed, and a curved trestle was built, extending over the mill race bank near the rear of the museum building.

T. Clarence Marshall on completed wooden trestle

Completed trestle with T. Clarence Marshall seated on the #401 engine, 1960.

AVRR turntable construction

Turntable nearly completed, 1960.

A turntable behind the carriage house was constructed to facilitate storing the engines in the basement room of the carriage house shop. 

AVRR driveway grade crossing

Track crossing the front driveway of Auburn Heights, spring 1960.

A grade crossing was also installed in the front of the property where the track intersected the driveway. The first version of this crossing took the form of a depressed concrete trough, with cast iron grates installed for automotive traffic when the tracks were not in use. Later deemed impractical, this was replaced with a wooden grade crossing that raised the railroad to the same level as the driveway. 

AVRR driveway grade crossing, covered

Grates covering the track when not in use, spring 1960.