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The Auburn Valley Railroad: From Then to Now (Exhibit Home)

T. Clarence Marshall on #401 engine

T. Clarence Marshall with a train full of passengers crossing the turntable in the fall of 1960. 

Experiencing a ride on the Auburn Valley Railroad (AVRR) during a special event is a highlight for countless visitors to the Marshall Steam Museum and Auburn Heights Preserve, located in Yorklyn, Delaware. Explore this online exhibit to discover the history of the railroad, from its origin in the 1960s to its operation and maintenance by volunteers today. 

Ways to nagivate:

Chronologically: To go through the exhibit step-by-step, use the buttons at the bottom of your screen. To go forward, click the bottom right button; to go back to the previous screen, click the bottom left button. 

Browse: Use the buttons under exhibit title to explore the exhibit by section. This exhibit has three main sections, each with additional exhibit content.

You can always return to the start of the exhibit by clicking on: The Auburn Valley Railroad: From Then to Now (Exhibit Home)



Volunteers with #401 locomotive engine, turntable

Volunteers prepping the #401 steam locomotive for a test run after a day of track work, March 2016. 

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The Auburn Valley Railroad: From Then to Now (Exhibit Home)