After learning in 1906 that Fred Marriott had set a new land speed record in the Stanley “Rocket,” T. Clarence Marshall decided that he “had to have a Stanley.” He worked for two years to save the money for a used 1906 Model H, which he acquired from the Philadelphia Stanley agent D. Walter Harper. He later bought more Stanleys, including the 1908 Model K, before becoming an agent himself in 1910, serving Delaware and southern Chester County.

1908 Stanley Model K

T. Clarence Marshall’s 1908 Stanley Model K Semi-Racer. (Marshall Steam Museum Archives)

Clarence Marshall reportedly met and spoke with one of the Stanley twins on two occasions. Traveling with his cousin Paul H. Way to pick up Way’s new Stanley at the factory in Massachusetts, the two men met F.E. Stanley after arranging with him to pick up the vehicle. Although the factory was closed for a long holiday weekend, F. E. guaranteed that the car would be ready for them so they could start their trip home to Yorklyn – and it was.

Clarence’s second encounter with one of the Stanley brothers came in 1915 at the Philadelphia Automobile Show. The Stanleys attended the event to answer questions about the new condensing models. Due to the twins’ custom of dressing alike and their identical appearance, Clarence was uncertain whether he spoke to F.E. or F.O. and would later claim, humorously, that he either met both twins once or one twin twice.


Paul H. Way in His Stanley

Paul H. Way in his 1910 Stanley. (Marshall Steam Museum Archives)