T. Clarence Marshall became a Stanley agent in 1910, with the dealership being more of a side business than full-time work. While still working at the family paper and fiber mills, Marshall handled sales for northern New Castle County and Southern Chester County in Pennsylvania. Although he officially demonstrated, sold and serviced Stanley cars from 1910 to 1920, his business was most profitable from 1910 to 1915. Marshall received his last order for a new Stanley in 1919.

T. Clarence Marshall in 1912 Stanley

T. Clarence Marshall in his new 1912 Stanley. (Marshall Steam Museum Archives)

Originally built in 1902 with stables in one half and carriage storage in the other, the Carriage House at Auburn Heights had a dirt floor and was used for storage of hay and straw. With his new “dealership” side business, Clarence Marshall made repairs to his own cars and those he sold in the building. In 1914, a lantern was knocked over, igniting the hay and burning the structure. No one was injured, but the fire destroyed three Stanley cars.

Rebuilt with steel construction and a concrete floor, the Carriage House was then arranged more like a modern garage. Volunteer members of the “Marshall Steam Team” use these same facilities today to conduct maintenance on the museum collection.

Auburn Heights Carriage House, 1937

Auburn Heights Carriage House, 1937. (Marshall Steam Museum Archives)